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Indie Infestation

Apr 13, 2019

Saturday just became an amazing day for you as the boys of Indie Infestation are releasing their latest podcast that has not 1, not 2 but 3 most excellent guests....Richard Stringham of "Close Calls", the pantless one Antonio Pantoja of "One Must Fall" and the mastermind of "Murder Made Easy", David Palamaro.  The guys fought through the latest Skype update with echos for what turned out to be a fun filled extravaganza of awesomeness.  Justin was not there but his new chewing gum spot was!  So sashay on over to iTunes, Google Play or wherever you get your stellar podcasts and download A Close Call Where One Falls During an Easy Murder.  Now grab a cold one, kick back in your favorite chair and crank it up to 11 as you let the sonic sounds of the Infestation Consume you!