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Indie Infestation

Mar 5, 2021

Get your weekend kicked off early with the latest installment of Indie Infestation!  On this week's special episode Joe and Zane welcome aboard three fine guests in the forms of The Monster Man John Hale, Jeremy The Thing About Herbert and Mr. GenreBlast himself Nate Ludwig.  The guys talk the new endeavor that is GenreBlast Films and its first endeavor, the anthology film based on the book of short stories "Worst Laid Plans".  This week we learn about Nate's willingness to let a toddler shave his beard, you can ask John questions....he just won't answer, Jeremy's attempt to pull a "Bowfinger", you never question Zane and Joe's willingness to star in ane's new film franchise!  There are also plugs for the Mahoning Valley Drive In which boasts weekends with Joe Bob Briggs and a special Monster Squad weekend with Andre Gower!