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Indie Infestation

Apr 26, 2019

Friday is the end of the work week and the end of the work week just got better!  Not because Endgame is sweeping the nation, no; the Infestation is taking over the nation with the latest episode featuring Writer/Director/Producer PJ Starks and Producer Eric Huskisson. Justin is finally back as he was busy producing his new product requested by Jeremy Adkins; the fans demand it and the Infestation supplies it; we are a podcast for the people!  Joe reveals what the original name of the podcast almost was, Zane dons the Infinity gauntlet and Mike reveals what is lingerie of choice is.  Strap in this is a good one that discusses the future of crowd funding and wonders if it is yesterday's tomatoes.  Now kick back your heels, grab your popcorn and crank the volume to 11 as the sweet tones of the Infestation consume you!