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Indie Infestation

May 29, 2020

The boys are are back as Joe and Zane welcome special guest host, master thespian himself Chard Bruns.  As if that wasn't enough the special guest this week is a writer/producer/director fresh off his award for "Best Director Feature Film" from Crimson Screen Film Festival for his film "Teacher Shortage"; it is none other than Troy Escamilla.  Troy talks about his love for the Slasher genre, certain subject matter in his film that may make some uncomfortable and what it was like to work with Brinke Stevens, Tamara Glynn and Debra Lamb. Chad and Joe still love Buffy, Zane not so much and Joe teases an upcoming episode that will feature some local effects artists including Terri Vadino and Celine Harabin who are anxious to show you what they can do!