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Indie Infestation

Feb 22, 2019

Oh yes, we are pantsless and back for another cheek reddening episode with actress/writer/director/producer Jenn Nangle aka Malvolia the Queen of Screams.  We talk about being the queen of screams and Jenn's love for breaking into abandoned asylums.  Justin couldn't make it but his new product sure did, Zane gets all Caligula-esque, Mike introduces his new persona "Cookie Lips" and Joe salutes Blumhouse's shorts with their newest film Happy Death Day 2 U.  Now stop reading and sashay on over to iTunes, Google Play or wherever you get and listen to your most stellar podcasts, crank up the volume to 11 and let the soothing tones of the Infestation wash over you like a batch of Justin's know!