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Indie Infestation

May 8, 2020

Just in time for your Quarantine Friday the Infestation is ready for injection as Joe and Zane welcome guest host from The Romero Pictures Indie Brigade family, one half of The Wagner Wiles, Lance Wagner!  As if that wasn't awesome enough the fellas welcome director/writer/producer/actor Jaysen Buterin!  Jaysen lets us inside on his upcoming film Kill Giggles where the script is flipped on clown horror.  Normally there is conversation before the podcast that is edited out but there was too much gold there so there is a minute of riffing for your enjoyment prior to the start of the interview.  So join in as Zane shows his mastery of last names and fights Scurvy, Jaysen and Joe gush over Eliza Dushku and Lance comes to you straight from a murder shed....we hope he made it out alive!  Now sit back and let it slide in as the sweet tones of the Infestation consume you!