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Indie Infestation

Aug 2, 2019

This week on the podcast the boys welcome back Nathan Ludwig as GenreBlast IV nears.  Also on the podcast is one of the other masterminds behind the festival, Raygan Ketterer.  They dig into what makes a great film festival as well as what makes a....well not so great one.  What have the boys been watching lately, well you're about to find out.  Nathan and Raygan dig into some of the films that will be showing at GenreBlast IV and Joe and Zane talk about their experience last year as well as their plans for this year; they will have all things Scream Team photo ops, autographs and touching of Zane's hair.  Join us at GenreBlast IV at the Alamo Draft House in Winchester VA on August 8/29-9/1 and get Blasted and Infested!